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Hospital and ambulance data since BHI started reporting

Hospital and ambulance data since BHI started reporting

Today we are providing access to more hospital and ambulance performance information than ever before.

In line with the release of our latest Healthcare Quarterly report, we have added two extra years of key emergency department, elective surgery, admitted patient and ambulance data on our interactive data portal Healthcare Observer

Only five years of data had been available previously, but the new addition means a total of seven years can be searched - from the current quarter to when BHI first started reporting in 2010. More data means more opportunities to understand trends and contextualise results.

The information is available for NSW public hospitals, ambulance zones and can be explored at different levels, including peer groups and local health districts. For example, you can find out what the median waiting time for elective surgical procedures is by urgency category in NSW and how that has changed over time. The latest Healthcare Quarterly report shows that median waiting times in NSW for April to June 2017 were 11 days for urgent surgery, 44 days for semi-urgent surgery and 225 days for non-urgent surgery.

median waiting time for semi-urgent elective surgery graph

We continue to expand and improve on the information available to hospitals, ambulance and to the public so there is a more comprehensive picture of healthcare performance.

We recently introduced a surge data analysis of ambulance services that provides a picture of performance resilience in the health system when demand for care is above what would be expected on a given day. This surge day methodology can also be applied to other areas of the health system.

Over the past few years we have increased the public availability of data with some major website developments, including:

June 2014 Launch of interactive data portal Healthcare Observer
September 2014 Percentage of elective surgeries performed on time, by procedure, added to Healthcare Observer
December 2015 Transfer of care – the time taken for the care of a patient to be transferred from paramedics emergency department clinicians – analyses added to Healthcare Observer
July 2016 Launch of search application summarising key hospital performance information by individual hospital
June 2017 Ambulance data for NSW and 18 ambulance zones reported, including addition to Healthcare Observer
Launch of map-based search application allows users to see how ambulance services are performing in their local area
September 2017 Two extra years of data added to Healthcare Observer

Page updated: 25 Feb 2020