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Setting our direction for healthcare performance reporting in NSW

Setting our direction for healthcare performance reporting in NSW

The Bureau of Health Information (BHI) has built a strong reputation as an independent, trusted and fair provider of healthcare performance information in NSW by focusing our expertise on areas where we can support efforts to enhance care across the state.

In our 10th year, I’m excited to announce the new BHI Strategic Plan 2019-2022 is now guiding our work.

Useful and accurate information is an essential building block of a healthcare system that provides world-class care.

BHI draws on a variety of sources to analyse and report on healthcare performance in NSW, providing trends and benchmarks at state, local health district and hospital level.

Clinicians and other healthcare professionals rely on robust, comparable information to see where they are performing well and help them identify opportunities to improve care. BHI’s healthcare performance information can help identify health services that are leading the way towards safer, better value care and encourage the sharing of good practice.

BHI also delivers reports and information products in ways that illustrate healthcare performance for the wider NSW community.

Transparency about healthcare performance allows consumers, local communities and those who act on their behalf to hold their local health services to account.

Overall, through our work, BHI aims to strengthen accountability and support system-wide and local improvements in patients’ experiences and outcomes.

Our Strategic Plan 2019-2022 maps our plans to maximise our impact on behalf of NSW patients and communities, and enhance our value to the NSW health system.

Input from our staff and stakeholders has formed the basis of the plan’s strategic priorities to:

  • maintain excellence in key areas of analytics, data visualisation and communication
  • enhance the value of our reports and information products to support improvements
  • continue to expand public reporting on healthcare performance
  • strengthen engagement and relationships to ensure we respond to need and better align with the priorities of patients and other stakeholders.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed their expertise and experience to develop this plan – your input has been extremely valuable.

BHI will continue to engage and collaborate with our stakeholders to ensure BHI’s work aligns with, and responds to, health system priorities and provides useful insights into what is working well and where there might be opportunities to improve.

I hope this work will play a significant part in the continued evolution of healthcare in NSW and that patients’ experiences and outcomes continue to improve.

Read our Strategic Plan 2019–2022.

Page updated: 25 Feb 2020