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Dr Kim Sutherland

Dr Kim Sutherland

Kim is the former Senior Director, Performance Measurement & Reporting at BHI. She has extensive experience in health services research in Australia and internationally.

18 January 2018

Data visualisation enables the communication of healthcare performance information in simple and powerful ways

BHI is continuously looking at innovative ways to present healthcare performance data making it accessible and engaging for a wide variety of audiences.

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21 December 2017

The impact of public reporting: Are we making a difference?

2017 was a busy year for the NSW public healthcare system. This winter was particularly busy for hospitals across the state, with unprecedented numbers of emergency department patients, and the year as a whole saw steady increases in the number of admissions to hospital and a relatively stable amount of elective surgical procedures performed.

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22 June 2017

Introducing Healthcare Quarterly and our new ambulance performance measures

After more than 12 months of consultation and analytic, research and design work, we are today releasing our revamped quarterly report. Previously known as Hospital Quarterly, the renamed Healthcare Quarterly report introduces a new structure, new graphics and most importantly, new insights into performance in the NSW public healthcare system. Alongside our established measures which focus on emergency department care, admitted patients and elective surgery, we are now able to report ambulance data on a quarterly basis.

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08 June 2017

Looking ahead

Our Chief Executive, Jean-Frederic Levesque, has been seconded to lead the Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) – the organisation charged with securing change in clinical care in NSW. Jean-Frederic joined BHI in March 2013 and under his leadership, we have gone from strength to strength – increasing the breadth and depth of public reporting in NSW; diversifying formats used to deliver information; introducing sophisticated data analyses and measurement approaches; and enhancing stakeholder engagement.

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12 April 2017

Focusing on unwarranted clinical variation to assess performance

Every patient is different and this means that healthcare varies – it must, if it is to respond to patient needs, expectations, social circumstances and capacity to manage their own care. However, there is increasing evidence that healthcare also varies for reasons that are not related to patients’ needs and expectations. While some variation is warranted, it can also be unwarranted.

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