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Data visualisation enables the communication of healthcare performance information in simple and powerful ways

Data visualisation enables the communication of healthcare performance information in simple and powerful ways

BHI is continuously looking at innovative ways to present healthcare performance data making it accessible and engaging for a wide variety of audiences.

Data visualisation can be a simple yet powerful way to present data, as it enables large amounts of data to be quickly and easily digested, while also helping the viewer to make fair comparisons and identify patterns and trends.

Chartpacks rely on the principles of data visualisation and BHI has released two new sets of results in this format today.

Firstly, we released a chartpack summarising the views and experiences of NSW people aged 65+ of the healthcare system, placing the results in an international context through comparisons with Australia and 10 other countries, as reported in the 2017 Commonwealth Fund International Health Policy Survey.


Benchmarking the performance of NSW with comparable international health systems allows BHI to support the accountability of the healthcare system, tells the people of NSW how their healthcare system is performing and can help to identify specific areas where the system is performing well and where improvements could be made.

This chartpack highlights some barriers to accessing care, particularly due to cost. The results show that cost concerns prompted 14% of people aged 65+ years in NSW to skip medication, a consultation, test or follow-up care and 21% not to seek dental care.

As with all BHI products, the results from this survey are presented in a number of ways to meet the different needs of our audiences. The full chartpack can be downloaded in PowerPoint or PDF format, while the interactive charts featured on this website can be downloaded individually in a variety of image and data file formats.

For those who want to dig deeper into the data, an Excel file is available, which provides the results for NSW and each comparator country for every question contained in the 2017 Commonwealth Fund Survey; shows where NSW performs significantly better or worse than each comparator country; and provides an analysis of the responses of people with high healthcare needs, compared with those without high needs. It also describes the data source and methods.

The second chartpack released today focuses on hand hygiene compliance in NSW public health facilities, exploring options for reporting this important element of patient safety across public hospitals and other health facilities in NSW.

The hand hygiene chartpack was produced in collaboration with the Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC) and represents part of our ongoing efforts to work with other agencies to develop better, more meaningful and actionable measurement.

Page updated: 25 Feb 2020