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Introducing Healthcare Quarterly and our new ambulance performance measures

Introducing Healthcare Quarterly and our new ambulance performance measures

After more than 12 months of consultation and analytic, research and design work, we are today releasing our revamped quarterly report. Previously known as Hospital Quarterly, the renamed Healthcare Quarterly report introduces a new structure, new graphics and most importantly, new insights into performance in the NSW public healthcare system. Alongside our established measures which focus on emergency department care, admitted patients and elective surgery, we are now able to report ambulance data on a quarterly basis.

Healthcare Quarterly includes nine core indicators, and reports information for the state and for 75 public hospitals and 18 ambulance zones, for each quarter over the past five years.

One of the report’s core indicators, the ‘call to ambulance arrival time’, was developed by BHI in collaboration with NSW Ambulance and the NSW Ministry of Health. It provides a patient-centred view of ambulance timeliness, and covers the period from when a triple zero call is first answered in an ambulance control centre to the arrival of a paramedic on the scene.

We have created a short video to explain call to ambulance arrival time:

This new measure describes the percentage of priority 1 (P1 or emergency) call to ambulance arrival times that are 30 minutes or less and the percentage of priority 2 (P2 or urgent) call to ambulance arrival times that are 60 minutes or less. In January to March 2017, 94.7% of priority 1 call to ambulance arrival times were within 30 minutes or less in NSW.

In all our reporting efforts, we aim to strike a balance between providing enough information to give a rounded picture of performance and avoiding information overload. As a result, the data we are publishing today is available in a range of formats. In addition to the main Healthcare Quarterly report, more detailed analyses and background information is available in a specific Ambulance module. Basic results are now available in our simple search applications so you can check the performance of your local hospital and ambulance service. Detailed information on hospitals and ambulance services is available on our interactive data portal, Healthcare Observer.

The Healthcare Quarterly report, and a Spotlight on Measurement report that outlines our methodology of ambulance performance measurement, are available online.

Page updated: 25 Feb 2020