Our people

BHI is a board-governed organisation, led by Chief Executive Dr Diane Watson.

Our people are health services researchers, biostatisticians and data analysts, graphic designers, communication and data visualisation specialists, and corporate support staff.

BHI is divided into teams that collaborate to publish independent reports and data:

  • Patient surveys team
  • Performance reports team
  • Data analyses team
  • Communications team
  • Corporate team.

These teams are supported by BHI's management team.

BHI Management Team

photo of Diane Watson

Dr Diane Watson, Chief Executive

Dr Diane Watson is the Chief Executive of the Bureau of Health Information. She has led the establishment of three reporting agencies in Australia that use big data to drive decisions on healthcare provision nationally and locally.

Prior to joining BHI, Dr Watson was the inaugural Chief Executive Officer of the Victorian Agency for Health Information, established in 2016 to monitor and report on public and private services that stimulate quality and safety improvements, increase transparency and accountability, and inform the community. She was also the inaugural Chief Executive of the National Health Performance Authority, established by the Australian Government to monitor, and report on, the performance of 1000+ public and private hospitals and 300+ health regions.

Dr Watson was the inaugural Chief Executive of the Bureau of Health Information from 2009 to 2012. She has held senior management positions for almost 20 years measuring, monitoring and reporting on the performance of healthcare systems to drive improvements in health, care and productivity. During this time, she has set the future direction of high profile, board governed agencies and inspired a strong sense of purpose among a highly talented and specialised workforce.


photo of Kim Sutherland

Dr Kim Sutherland – Senior Director, Performance Measurement & Reporting

Dr Kim Sutherland joined the Bureau of Health Information in 2010 and was appointed Senior Director, Performance Measurement and Reporting in September 2016.

Kim is a health services researcher with experience in performance measurement and reporting, evaluation and assessment of quality, change management in healthcare organisations, and the diffusion of innovations. She has played a central role in the development of performance measurement frameworks in healthcare systems in the United Kingdom and in NSW. She was co-author on a series of reports evaluating the English National Health Service 10-year quality agenda and this work continues to act as the conceptual base for the joint Health Foundation - Nuffield Trust QualityWatch initiative, based in London. Kim currently sits on a healthcare quality indicator technical advisory group of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.

While at BHI, Kim has led project-based teams to produce over 40 peer reviewed reports that span a range of different patient groups, methodological approaches and organisational contexts to provide a comprehensive picture of performance in the NSW healthcare system.

Kim has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Technology, Sydney; a Master of Science from London Hospital Medical College; a Master of Business Administration from Imperial College, London; and a Doctorate from the University of Cambridge.


photo of Jason Boyd

Jason Boyd - Director, Surveys

Jason Boyd was appointed to the role of Director, Surveys at the Bureau of Health Information in July 2014. He rejoins BHI after two years of working as Director of Hospital Performance Measurement and Improvement at the National Health Performance Authority.

Jason has published numerous public reports on hospital services in NSW and for Australia, including the first Bureau Hospital Quarterly reports, and managed the transition of the NSW Patient Survey Program from the NSW Ministry of Health to BHI. Prior to joining BHI, Jason was the senior researcher for the Picker Institute Europe, running the NHS Patient Survey Program for England.

Jason has a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from Otago Medical School in New Zealand and additional degrees in Human Anatomy and Human Physiology.


photo of Heather Dawson

Heather Dawson – Director, Performance Reports

Heather Dawson joined the Bureau of Health Information in September 2017 as Director, Performance Reports. Heather leads the development and reporting of BHI’s Spotlight on Measurement and The Insights Series reports, along with the annual Healthcare in Focus report, How does NSW compare?

Heather is a health services researcher with over 25 years of experience in performance measurement and reporting, policy evaluation and change management in the Canadian healthcare context. Heather has held leadership and management positions within hospitals and at the Canadian Institute for Health Information, the Health Council of Canada, and Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.

Heather has a Bachelor of Science Degree from University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada and a Master of Health Administration Degree from the University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


photo of Behnoosh Khalaj

Behnoosh Khalaj – Director, Data Management and Analyses

Behnoosh Khalaj joined the Bureau of Health Information as a Senior Analyst when the organisation was established in 2009 and was promoted to Lead Analyst in 2012. She was appointed as Director, Data Management and Analyses in 2016. Behnoosh provides leadership to BHI’s analytical team and is responsible for data management procedures, analytic methodology and overseeing analyses, interpretation of data, quality assurance and checking processes.

Behnoosh has extensive experience in analysing health administrative and patient experience survey data sets. She has expertise in developing, validating and reporting health system performance measures.

Behnoosh is a graduate of the NSW Ministry of Health’s Biostatistical Officer Training Program. She has a Bachelor of Statistics and a Master of Mathematical Statistics from Shaheed Beheshti University in Tehran-Iran, and Master of Biostatistics from the University of Sydney.


photo of Ros O'Sullivan

Ros O'Sullivan - Director, Corporate Affairs and Chief Audit Executive

In 2010, Ros O'Sullivan was seconded to the Bureau of Health Information to set up the corporate and statutory compliance functions of the new statutory authority. Ros brings to BHI high level skills and extensive experience over more than twenty five years in senior management and health executive roles.

Ros was appointed Director, Corporate Affairs and Chief Audit Executive in 2012. The role includes corporate governance, finance, workforce, audit, risk management, project and contract management. Most recently her experience has included Clinical Group Manager of Medicine, Oncology and Emergency Services within a local health district, and Director of Corporate Services for numerous health services and public hospitals in NSW. Ros has a strong professional commitment and is focussed on promoting the improved performance, quality and safety of healthcare services. She is an experienced accreditation surveyor of hospitals in both the National Standards and ACHS EQUIP program for hospitals throughout Australia.

Ros has a Bachelor of Science (Physiology and Pharmacology) from the University of Sydney, a Master of Health Administration, and a Master of Commerce from the University of NSW. Ros is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Fellow of the Australian College of Health Service Management and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management.


photo of Karen Perini

Karen Perini - Director, Communications and Stakeholder Engagement

Karen Perini joined the Bureau of Health Information in 2012 as the Senior Communications Officer and was appointed Director, Communications and Stakeholder Engagement in 2016. Karen leads BHI’s communications function including graphic design, communications and web development.

Karen has more than 15 years’ experience in corporate communications, public relations, media and issues management. She has worked on community campaigns, high profile issues and has provided strategic communications advice to governments, Ministers and clients. Her experience spans across the business, health and environment sectors in Sydney and London. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Communications) from Charles Sturt University, Bathurst.


photo of Hilary Rowell

Hilary Rowell - Director, Strategic Relations

Hilary Rowell joined the Bureau of Health Information in June 2017 to strengthen engagement with key stakeholders and partners so as to maximise the value and impact of our information. Hilary is also responsible for the BHI report series, Data Matters, which examines issues relevant to healthcare performance measurement and reporting.

She brings with her extensive experience of healthcare policy and strategy, principally in the United Kingdom. Improving healthcare through the effective use of information has been a recurrent theme in her work, particularly in terms of better measurement, greater transparency and clearer alignment between people’s needs for information and what is available to them.

Her career has included leadership roles in the UK healthcare regulator, Dr Foster Intelligence, ZPB and the NHS’ consumer-facing digital service. She has provided board level advice to organisations including Picker Institute Europe, Academic Health Science Networks and The Kings Fund. She has been responsible for a number of influential publications, including the Dr Foster Hospital Guide, the Intelligent Board report series and thought leadership on topics such as outcomes-based healthcare and the central role of effective staff engagement in the quality and safety of patient care. Hilary holds a Bachelor of Science in Politics and Economics from the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom.


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