Our work

BHI produces independent reports and information about the performance of the NSW healthcare system.

Using advanced data analytics, data visualisation and communications, we deliver reports and information products that describe key aspects of healthcare performance for a range of audiences in ways that align with the priorities of consumer, healthcare and policy audiences.

We provide this information to strengthen accountability and support system-wide and local improvements in patients’ healthcare experiences and outcomes. Public reporting of this information enhances transparency and understanding of healthcare performance for consumers and local communities.

We draw on a variety of sources to analyse and report on healthcare performance, providing trends and benchmarks at state, local health district and hospital level.

We also manage the NSW Patient Survey Program, giving thousands of patients the opportunity to provide feedback about their experiences of care in the health system and subsequent outcomes.

Every BHI report and information product is subject to rigorous quality assurance and a structured data release process that includes external review.

Our work program is supported by:

  • research and methodology development, including scientific advice and challenge from interstate and international healthcare experts
  • data management and analytic expertise to support performance measurement and reporting
  • development of innovative design and graphics that visually portray our information
  • engagement with stakeholders, including clinical and other subject matter experts, to understand their needs, shape priorities, inform measurement and reporting approaches and review emerging findings.

BHI continually develops and adapts new methods of performance measurement. We publish information about our reporting measures so our methods and any limitations of the analyses can be easily understood. Please see our Measurement Matters reports or the technical supplements to reports for further details.

Our interactive data portal, Healthcare Observer, lets you explore and download healthcare performance data from our reports and patient surveys for NSW, local health districts and hospitals, as well as data on ambulance activity and performance in NSW.

Our Reports Plan lists our planned reports and target release dates to ensure all stakeholders and the community are aware of our program of work.

Our 2021–22 Performance Agreement with NSW Health is also available.

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Page updated: 12 Jan 2023