The NSW Patient Survey Program continues to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is important to continue to hear from patients about their experiences of care during this period.

About our patient surveys

Each month we ask thousands of people to tell us about their recent experience with the public healthcare system as part of the NSW Patient Survey Program.

This comprehensive program of surveys ask patients questions about different aspects of their care, such as accessibility and timeliness, the physical environment of the hospital, safety and hygiene, communication and information, and whether they were treated with respect and dignity.

BHI has been managing a program of patient surveys since mid-2012; prior to this, surveys were managed by the NSW Ministry of Health.

Why survey patients?

Patient surveys are important because they provide a unique perspective on the healthcare system that can only come from asking people about their personal experiences.

By looking at survey results, we can identify and report on the strengths and weaknesses of the NSW healthcare system overall. We also provide information to individual hospitals and local health districts about how their services are performing. This enables them to identify things they are doing well and also areas in which their services could be improved. Survey results allow hospital managers to compare their hospital’s performance with other hospitals and encourage shared learning between staff at facilities.

Who is invited to complete a survey?

Participants are randomly selected to complete the survey in order to provide a representative sample across NSW. The survey is sent to participants about three months after their hospital visit.

Participating in the survey is voluntary, but we encourage people to complete the questionnaire and let us know about their experiences so that people working within hospitals know where there are areas for improvement.

Any information provided is anonymous and treated confidentially.

People who have not received a survey cannot participate but can provide feedback about their patient experience by contacting their hospital directly.

How do people complete the survey?

If you are sent a survey, you can complete it online or on paper (and return it using the pre-paid envelope). We recommend completing online as this can be quicker and easier. The survey takes about 15–20 minutes to complete.

Any information provided is anonymous and treated confidentially.

How is the program managed?

BHI works with Ipsos Public Affairs to manage the survey program on behalf of the NSW Ministry of Health and local health districts.

Page updated: 25 Feb 2021