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Maternity Care Survey

The Maternity Care Survey asks women who recently gave birth in a NSW public hospital about the care they received.

In 2017, almost 5,000 women participated in the survey, about three months after their baby was delivered. The survey was first carried out in 2015 and is repeated on a rotating basis, every two years.

Participants are randomly selected to complete these surveys in order to provide a representative sample across NSW. We have taken all practical steps to ensure the survey is not sent to women whose baby was stillborn, or whose baby died following birth.

Taking part in the survey is voluntary and while many women have a positive birth experience, unfortunately this is not always the case. We appreciate that for some, this survey may be difficult to complete and we respect each woman’s decision about whether or not to complete it. However, we encourage women to do so as their feedback will be used to help improve maternity services in the future.

People who have not received a survey cannot participate, but can provide feedback about their experience by contacting their hospital directly.

To find out about upcoming releases of results from the Maternity Care Survey, please refer to our Reports Plan.


Page updated: 4 Jun 2020