Virtual Care Survey

The Virtual Care Survey asks people who had a virtual care appointment with a hospital outpatient clinic to provide feedback about their virtual care experiences. Virtual care appointments are held over the telephone or by video call, using any form of communication or information technologies, rather than in person.

The 2021 survey asked patients who had a virtual care outpatient appointment in November and December 2021 about their experiences. For the first time, patients were also asked for feedback on virtual care experiences with their general practitioner.

BHI partnered with the NSW Ministry of Health to develop this statewide survey to collect important information for the monitoring and evaluation of the NSW Health Virtual Care Strategy.

The Virtual Care Survey was first run as a pilot project in 2020. The 2020 state-level results reflect the experiences of 2,618 virtual care outpatients with NSW public hospitals.

Page updated: 5 Jul 2022