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The Bureau’s latest report compares NSW with 11 other countries.

The Bureau has released Healthcare in Focus 2013: How does NSW measure up?  a report which  compares NSW healthcare with 11 other international health systems.

The report draws on data from a number of different international sources including the Commonwealth Fund’s International Survey of Adults 2013 which asked 20,000 adults questions on healthcare in 11 countries. NSW results from the Commonwealth Fund’s survey can be viewed on Healthcare Observer.  

Healthcare in Focus

Healthcare in Focus 2013: How well does NSW measure up?

Healthcare in Focus 2013 takes a overarching view of the NSW health system. It assesses how healthcare in NSW measures up compared to Australia and 10 other countries.

Hospital Quarterly

Hospital Quarterly: Performance of NSW Public Hospitals

Hospital Quarterly provides information about admitted patients, elective surgery and emergency department performance.

View all Hospital Quarterly reports

Year in review 2012/13

Year in Review

Year in Review provides an overview of the Bureau’s activities and achievements in 2012/13. It looks at our regular publications such as Healthcare in Focus and Hospital Quarterly and provides an update on some of our key activities during the year such as the NSW Patient Survey Program and our focus on 30 day mortality. It also looks at our stakeholder engagement, partnerships, our external review process as well as introducing our staff.

Hospital Quarterly

The Insights Series: 30-day mortality following hospitalisation,
five clinical conditions, NSW, July 2009 – 2012

The report looks at deaths within 30 days of hospitalisation for heart attack, ischaemic stroke, haemorrhagic stroke, pneumonia and hip fracture surgery in NSW between July 2009 and June 2012. It also includes additional analyses on mortality in NSW since 2000.


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