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Aboriginal patient experience

BHI and the Centre for Aboriginal Health are working together to collect the experiences of care for Aboriginal patients who receive healthcare services in NSW.

As part of this program of work, and with the guidance and input of Aboriginal people, BHI has developed the Aboriginal Patient Experience Question Set, which aims to better support survey data collection for Aboriginal patients using a set of questions identified to be of high relevance to Aboriginal patients, the Aboriginal community and stakeholders. The question set is available for download below and may be used within NSW Health.

In 2019, every adult who identified as Aboriginal, and was either admitted to or gave birth in a NSW public hospital, was invited to provide feedback on their experience via the Adult Admitted Patient and Maternity Care surveys. These surveys gathered valuable information about what services are doing well and where they can improve care to better meet the needs of Aboriginal people.

BHI’s Snapshot report, Adults admitted to hospital, Results from the 2019 patient survey, highlights key NSW-level findings for nine questions for the 3,454 Aboriginal people who responded to the Adult Admitted Patient Survey 2019. The Snapshot report, Maternity Care, Results from the 2019 survey, highlights key NSW-level findings for nine questions for the 283 Aboriginal women who responded to the Maternity Care Survey 2019. A report containing in-depth analyses and insights will be published in 2021.

BHI published a Snapshot report, Aboriginal people’s experiences of hospital care, in July 2019 which highlights key findings at a statewide level for 459 Aboriginal people who shared their experiences of care in the Emergency Department Patient Survey 2017–18 and 550 Aboriginal people who shared their experiences of care in the Adult Admitted Patient Survey 2017.

Healthcare in Focus 2017 examined healthcare in the context of three important dimensions of performance – accessibility, appropriateness and effectiveness – for more than 60 measures. One third of these measures related to the experiences and outcomes of Aboriginal people.

BHI previously published a Patient Perspectives report on the experiences of care for Aboriginal people, which drew on data from almost 2,700 Aboriginal patients who were admitted to a NSW public hospital in 2014. To find out about upcoming releases of survey results that reflect the experiences of Aboriginal people, please refer to our Reports Plan.

The original artwork on this web page was created by Marcus Lee, a proud Aboriginal descendant of the Karajarri people.

Page updated: 25 Feb 2021